We are a Trex Pro serving Southeastern British Columbia

We chose to become a Trex Pro because we share Trex’s eco-friendly values and because Trex offers highly durable, low maintenance products that are easy to customize, giving us the ability to transform outdoor living areas into attractive, functional spaces.

The company itself is built on environmentally friendly principles and values, which we can relate to on a fundamental level. Trex is one of the largest polyethylene plastic recyclers in North America, keeping more than 400 million pounds of plastic and scrap wood out of landfills each year. They also use a unique eco-friendly production method to create products that can contain more than 95% recycled and reclaimed content.

Trex has received numerous honors and achievements for their efforts in sustainability, and they remain active advocates for recycling education and initiatives in schools and communities; something we’re proud to support.

In addition to peace of mind, as a composite material Trex decking can be shaped to one’s imagination, allowing us to offer extraordinarily unique outdoor livingscapes that are inviting and comfortable – no slivers!

Whether you are looking for the ultimate, complex and artistically crafted deck to be the focal point of an outdoor space, or a simple but elegant design focused on function, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our Trex catalogue to get some ideas for your project.

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