To Tear Down or Remodel – That is the Question! The Best Approach for Your Recreation Property

Do you own or are thinking of purchasing an older recreation property? The big question is how to proceed to ensure it’s as comfortable, durable, and liveable for years to come.

For anyone who owns or is planning to purchase an older recreation property – heck, any property, for that matter! – is whether or not to remodel or just simply tear it down to create the vacation home you’ll most enjoy for the coming years.

When you’ve fallen in love with an older property in your vacation spot of choice, it can be challenging to decide how to best ensure it will be an enjoyable, liveable space for you and your family long-term.  It’s important to carefully weigh all options and really know the home before deciding how to proceed with either a renovation, a complete demolition, or a combination of the two.

The first step, of course, is to utilize a quality local builder who can provide expert consultation to determine the pros and cons of each of your options to determine the best way to achieve the perfect home solution. 

Certainly, the age of your home is always a major factor, and could effectively swing the pendulum one way or the other. The older the home, the more logistical challenges you may encounter, particularly when it comes to modernizing. But, an older home with interesting and characteristic historic charm might make the added labour and costs worthwhile.

Additionally, older homes, of course, can often bring more surprises to be uncovered once a renovation project is in full swing.

A good place to start when deciding whether to salvage some, all or a portion of the existing home is to be aware of a few things before you take the first swing of the hammer:

  • The real value of the home and property it sits on. 
  • If the home and/or neighborhood has any historical significance. 
  • If the home has any structural problems – rot, mold, fire damage, etc. 
  • If demolition would likely be a more cost-effective option.

If you are considering demolition, either in full or only in part, it’s important to understand that permits will be required for any demolition project, regardless of the extent it. Permits ensure that noise, potential exposure to hazardous materials, and any interruption to the neighborhood is properly documented. Any demolition must conform to building codes and bylaws and costs can vary significantly by region or municipality.

If your home sits near a body of water such as a lake or river, you may encounter a whole host of other challenges. Keep to the existing footprint and you may be able to avoid any additional complications, but if you want to expand the footprint, your local laws come into effect to ensure your new structure doesn’t conflict with environmental restrictions. 

Aside from the permit, other demolition costs can vary greatly, factors of which include: 

  • Size of the structure. 
  • Type of foundation type and whether it, too, needs to be demolished. 
  • Building materials. 
  • Hazards that need to be removed (asbestos, lead paint, debris). 

To take down the home in its entirety may seem like the more attractive option when it comes to time and cost, at least initially. It’s the deconstruction, however, that can easily eat up those savings. It’s common for a middle-of-the-road approach, between complete renovation and complete demolition, to be a good solution, particularly if the original home holds interest and appeal and was purchased out of fondness for characteristics of the original structure.

Custom lake home building professionals, such as EVERbuilt Developments Ltd., are happy to help advise clients towards the solution that will be best for them.

With a thorough assessment of all factors and conditions, your contractor can consult with you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of all options, so as to proceed in the client’s best interest. 

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