Sustainable Building for Healthy Living

Promoting and prioritizing healthy living to create a sustainable, low-impact, and holistic experience in every home.

When we think about sustainable, or in more colloquial terms, green, design, energy and water efficiency tend to top the list. But it’s really about so much more when it comes to creating a home or building that improves our health, wellness, and efficiency.

We’re very proud that one of the greatest advantages our homes offer is the healthy indoor environments we take great care to provide for you and your family.

EVERbuilt sets the experience – comfort and well-being – you’ll enjoy in your home at the top of our list of priorities and it informs every decision we make particularly as it pertains to products and materials we incorporate into your house.

The quality of the air indoors is fundamental to the quality of your indoor experience. We are ever-conscious of the materials and products we use to ensure that your home provides only the best in fresh, clean air while also providing you with the efficiency you would expect in sustainable building.

Low VOCs

That ‘new home’ smell you’re looking forward to can often be attributed to VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds off-gassing into your indoor air. VOCs, which includes formaldehyde, can be present in a variety of building materials such as treated wood, insulation, caulking, carpeting, paints and cheaper, glue-filled particle board cabinets.

We’ve all become used to the smell of VOCs because we so frequently smell them when we get something new – spray a well-known air freshener, or buy a new piece of furniture. But, VOCs are known to be quite noxious, causing everything from headaches to dizziness to nausea, as well as eye and respiratory irritation.

We look to low- or no-VOC materials as often as possible to ensure you’re enjoying fresh smelling indoor air not noxious fumes!

Just a side note: VOCs can be common ingredients in many personal care products as well. Items such as nail polish, nail polish remover, colognes, perfumes, rubbing alcohol, hair spray, and more can compromise your health, so do your research!

Incorporating HRV

Modern airtight construction means you could be breathing the same stale air over and over again. It can also mean indoor air pollutants continue to accumulate, promoting health problems that range from short-term effects – eye and throat irritation – to long-term – respiratory disease and cancer.  

EVERbuilt incorporates a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) into every home we build. HRV is technology that’s been used for the past 40 years to provide high-quality indoor air for homes. In essence, an HRV exchanges air: helps to bring fresh air into your house while removing the stale, polluted air. Perhaps more importantly, an HRV system filters incoming air, so you enjoy the freshness but leave pollen and pollutants outside where they belong, providing exceptionally clean indoor air in every room.

There can also be the added bonus of energy efficiency as an HRV is a great complement to your HVAC system, providing for total recovery of heat or cool from the outgoing air. The combined processes use the heat from the outgoing air to heat the fresh air that’s coming into the home. If implemented along with your HVAC system, it reduces wear and tear on the HVAC as the incoming air doesn’t have to be heated to the same degree. 

In the summer, the system works in reverse: incoming air is cooled when the outgoing air conducts heat on its way out of the home.

Think of your home as breathing – exhaling the bad, inhaling the good!

Comfort – Cool or Warm When You Need It!

Walls can account for approximately 20 percent of heat loss in homes. In addition to losing heat through walls, there are other microscopic (and not so microscopic!) cracks that allowed uncontrolled air leakage into, as well as out of, your house.  

Between our high-quality insulation and insulated glass unit windows, we create a well-insulated, airtight envelope that not only minimizes contaminants entering the home but efficiently manages consistent indoor temperature regardless of the weather outdoors. 

Clean air provides the biggest source of health and comfort in any home and EVERbuilt provides for it in every build.

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