We create holistic, regenerative human habitats through new development and property revitalizations.

We construct integrated buildings, landscapes and communities that are:


Indoor environmental quality is very important to us. We want to ensure your indoor space is as comfortable and safe as possible. We do our best to select building materials and use methods to reduce exposure to toxins and contagions in and around the built environment.


We like to blur the lines between outdoors and in. By emulating natural cycles, bringing elements of nature into our buildings, and increasing opportunities to interact with the outdoors, we can offer all the mental, physical and emotional benefits of being outside in a constructed environment.


You want a space that “fits right.” We consider functionality, practicality, accessibility, convenience, desire lines, traffic flow as well as your basic needs and desires to produce a space that is effective and easily accommodating.


Taking efficiency a step further, we promote net positive buildings or communities, and productive environments. Generating a surplus of resources creates resiliency and adaptability for owners, occupants and the ecosystem.


Let us help you develop a unique space that you’ll enjoy and appreciate for years to come. During our Planning & Design phase, we will determine your needs, values, available resources, long and short term goals, and the design styles and elements you wish to incorporate into your project.

High Quality

Attention to detail and ensuring the longevity of our work is something we pride ourselves on. We love creating attractive, aesthetically pleasing spaces, and will concern ourselves with the intricacies of putting it all together with the right materials and methods so it lasts for as long as possible. We maintain a high level of craftsmanship in all our work, no matter how simple or complex.


As a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor our founder can recommend which standards to build to in order to achieve a third party certification for your project. We also work with a team of certified professionals to design and engineer LEED or Passivehaus projects.

A Smart Investment

Build a timeless asset. Analysis of industry advancements and policy projections reveals that building to a high standard of efficiency will protect your investment, and likely increase your long-term return. Creating land-based wealth and abundance can also ensure resources for generations to come.

Part of a Whole

It is easy to view a building, development, or renovation project as a stand alone feature. In reality, constructed environments are part of a larger system and are both affected by and effect their surroundings and users. By understanding the complex interactions between buildings, the environment and people, we can create spaces that are regenerative for communities and ecosystems.

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