Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience – an EVERbuilt #OLE!

A dedicated Outdoor Living Experience, drawing on the principles of Regenerative and Biophilic Design at home contributes to your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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Given our focus on Regenerative and Biophilic Design in the spaces we create and re-create, and the range of benefits inherent in reinstituting natural elements into daily life, an organic extension is our specialization creating a beautiful Outdoor Living Experience or EVERbuilt OLE.

EVERbuilt Developments, Ltd. embraces the work of enhancing your experience outside your home. We want to provide you with space outdoors that becomes not simply a part of your daily living experience, but one of your favorite ways to spend time at home.

One of our favourite jobs is to create a beautiful, long-lasting, and comfortable, outdoor living space. While most of us invest a lot of attention and budget on our indoor experience – and, rightfully so! – our outdoor spaces often lack the attention they deserve or are completely overlooked altogether.

Inside the home, people will invest days, months, or even years considering a renovation or addition; on the hunt for that perfect piece of art, a unique fixture, or an exquisite piece of furniture. Often, their outdoors is planned and developed on a whim without the same attention to detail and thoughtfulness. What many miss, is that outdoor space is actually an extension of the home’s interior and ought to be considered and designed, even finished and furnished, with the same attention as the rest of the home.

A well-designed, constructed, and styled outdoor space is not only beautiful, but it actually activates the senses and elevates your living and entertaining experience in many ways. It offers you the comfort of the indoors while enjoying all the benefits the outdoors has to offer. It’s a place to commune with nature while you spend a peaceful time alone, in restful repose, or entertaining with loved ones.

If your outdoor space feels like it’s lacking, it may not be necessary to dive into a complete overhaul, but rather enhance your outdoor living experience by creating and styling your space in a way that reflects the way you live. Choose a single element, your deck or a screened room, for instance, that will offer you big outdoor living bang for your buck.

Use the same level of thought and care you’d use to revamp a room in your home to plan and create your outdoor living spaces and landscape. Doing so can take your home’s liveability, functionality and aesthetic appeal to an entirely new level. Here are some practicalities to keep in mind as you consider your dream outdoors:

Outdoor Dining Room. It’s important to remember, as you plan your outdoor dining experience, that size matters. Your eating space will be based on the number of people you plan to host regularly as well as the size of your cooking unit(s). Keep in mind the shape of the table as well as the size and shape of chairs you’ll be incorporating.

Outdoor Living Room. An outdoor living room patio or deck provides a beautiful outdoor alternative to being indoors. Be sure to allow for adequate space to accommodate furniture, possible fire table or bin, as well as potted garden elements. A good rule of thumb is to size living room areas at approximately 16’ by 18’. Where possible, leave a 3’ pathway clear of furniture to allow for good traffic flow and access to the rest of the yard.

Screened Porch or Room. As with the deck or patio spaces, when planning a screened in space it’s important to accurately assess how you’ll use the new room. Will it be strictly screened for warm weather use? Perhaps you’d like to include a heater as well as removable plexiglass panels to allow for three-season use. Would you like to sleep in your outdoor room – include a day bed or trundle? Do you need room for dining? How will you anchor the space to your existing structure and does that influence the amount of space you’ll be allowed.

Bistro Patio. If you’re challenged by limited space, a small, more intimate space to enjoy a meal for two or a quiet conversation might be a great alternative.. A small patio that accommodates a two-seater bistro table works well here and can be created almost anywhere including a side yard or in little back corner destination spots.

Choosing Accessories and Accents. If you love to cook and entertain outdoors, you’ll want to consider adding features such as an outdoor kitchen and bar amenities. If you have an indoor kitchen you love, you can mimic its style in your outdoor kitchen. Furnishings can be found in a variety of styles and budgets. Use your existing home exterior decor as your guide to ensure you’ve integrated the aesthetic.

Your planters and pots will help to bring a cohesive look and feel as will the plants you choose. Potted grasses can be effective partitions and you can bring an edible garden to your dining area with planters brimming with tasty natural treats like tomatoes, herbs, and lettuces.

A water feature adds beautiful ambiance and the variety is seemingly endless, whether you’re purchasing out of the box or tasking your contractor to build one to suit.

Are you interested in reinvigorating your outdoor space into a proper Outdoor Living Experience? We’d love to create your dream outdoors. Talk to us!

EVERbuilt Developments Ltd. Outdoor Living Experience

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