Create Your Own #OLE – Outdoor Living Experience

There’s nothing like an outdoor retreat to help you to relax and rejuvenate. An outdoor living experience – an extension of your indoors – creates the perfect space to do just that!

We all want to make the most of our short summers, getting outdoors and taking in as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. One of the best ways to enjoy summertime to the maximum is ensuring that no matter the time of day, the outdoor space surrounding your home is inviting and comfortable allowing you a special, comfortable retreat to enjoy every hour of summer while you have it.

During the summer, nobody wants to miss cool, relaxing evenings outside. Creating and making the most out of your outdoor living space, making it an outdoor living experience, can take a lot of planning but does not have to break the bank. Some great ideas to consider include:

Lighting your outdoor space

Lighting plays a key role in setting the perfect ambiance for your outdoor living area. Light sets a particular mood, provides safety and creates focal points in your outdoor living space. Choose between solar or electrical light to provide the right illumination.

Solar lighting comes in handy, especially given the long, light-filled days of summer. Solar light creates ambiance with solar path lights that absorbs light during the day while throwing beams of light from the container plants at night. Apart from providing illumination at night in your outdoor living space, the solar path lights in the plant containers also add soft lighting to your living area.

Perfect ambiance can also be created using candles. A more stylish lighting option would be hanging of festoon lights or white holiday lights around the rails or at the edges of the umbrella to bring out a magical experience, particularly at night. Incorporate insect repellent candles or torches. Not only do they provide a source of lighting, but also protection against annoying mosquitos and other pesky insects.

Incorporate a ceramic, metal or table fire pit into your outdoor living space. A fire provides lighting and also provides warmth on cooler nights. Arrange your furniture strategically to ensure that each person can experience the light and heat.

Quality, durable, splinter- and maintenance-free decking

A solid, quality deck floor is a must-have in creating an outstanding outdoor living space. Wood decks used to be the standard but has recently been replaced by composite decking, such as Trex. Composite decking will give you the desired surface: slip-resistant, splinter-free that does not require oiling, sealing or painting.

Composite decking surface does not fade in the sun and requires minimal maintenance and repairs, saving you time and money.

Unlike plastic decking, composite-decked floors neither cracks nor bows. Choose a quality composite product such as Trex and a skilled craftsman (EVERbuilt!) that can provide unique style options – unique designs that incorporate bending the boards into wonderful patterns – you’ll love the impact of your outdoor floor surface.

EVERbuilt and TREX deck - Outdoor Living Experience

Incorporate natural elements

Don’t forget that a huge part of the appeal to an outdoor living experience is nature and including as much of the natural world into your space as possible.

Incorporating nature into your outdoor living is beneficial to the soul and spirit as well as your health and adds dimension and depth to the space. Utilize natural elements such as pots for flowers and plants, including practical herbs and some potted veggies. Potted plants placed around your outdoor living area adds a sweet aromatic scent as well as vibrancy in the colour and texture. Before purchasing your plants, consider factors such as the shape, colour, size and the intensity of sunlight that the plants will need.

You can also bring in the natural elements of water and fire into your space. These vibrant and healing organic elements will add a relaxed, restful, and attractive appeal to your outdoor living space.

Consider surrounding your space with wildflowers. Arrange variously sized potted plants around your space and pathways for dimension and visual interest. Be creative – create small rooms within the outdoor living space by strategically arranging plants, decor, and furnishings.

#OLE Outdoor Living Experience surrounded by wildflowers

Comfortable outdoor furnishings

To achieve the desired comfort for you, your family and friends, attractive, cosy furniture is a must. Outdoor furnishings should not be limited to the common side tables and chairs. Try to incorporate a broad range of comfortable outdoor furniture such as sofas, day beds, lounge chairs, perhaps even bean bags!

Arrange your furniture strategically to create dining space and relaxation zones. Also, create clear pathways within your outdoor living space using the potted plants or paved walkways.

As with your indoor spaces, don’t forget the decorative details. Compliment your outdoor living space with decor pieces such as vases, cushions, hammocks, water and fire features, and sculptures to reflect your unique sense of style.

EVERbuilt #OLE unique and beautiful outdoor living experienceWhen purchasing your furniture, be sure to keep in mind these factors: quality, durability, and cost.  Choose outdoor furniture of high quality, made of weatherproof materials, that are lightweight and require low maintenance. While the furnishings may seem costly to purchase, if you’ve chosen according to durability and quality, you’ll save money over time, avoiding early repairs or replacement.

It’s important that your outdoor furniture should look inviting and comfortable and, now more than ever before, there is a huge range of options that will suit your style as well as your pocketbook.

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