We take a progressive approach to building and design.

We listen and advise based on a wealth of knowledge and experience. We employ and work with a team of qualified professionals that uphold high standards to ensure both quality work and quality customer service.

A variety of service packages are available to clients that range in inclusiveness across the general building phases outlined below.

Build Smart. Live Clean. Invermere, BC


Build Smart. Live Clean. Invermere, BC


Build Smart. Live Clean. Invermere, BC

Construction & Project Management

Build Smart. Live Clean. Invermere, BC

Completion & Follow-up

We use sustainable, holistic, regenerative, biophilic and permaculture design concepts combined with advanced building science and a survey of the client’s needs and lifestyle to conceptualize integrated buildings, landscapes and communities

Building methods and materials are chosen through a detailed cost and life-cycle analysis where health, environmental and social impacts, longevity, durability, efficiency and value are taken into account. At the end of this phase clients will be provided with a detailed, itemized estimate for their project.

We utilize integrated and holistic management approaches to coordinate and complete on-site work in a time and cost effective manner. Progress reports are offered as needed during this phase to keep clients up-to-date. Eco-friendly waste and energy management techniques as well as cutting-edge building practices are employed throughout the construction process.

When a project is complete, we ensure clients are satisfied with our work and that we have met their expectations before handing over the keys. Once the space is staged with furniture, we will follow-up to gain feedback and to access the space for photos to add to our portfolio.

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